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Exterior Restoration (Paint Correction Service)

Featuring Meguiar’s Microfiber DA Correction Compound, DA Microfiber Polish D302 & #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0 (Protection Lasts up to 1 Year)

+ Light-Aggressive Clay Bar Treatment + Pressure Wash + Hand Wash + Wash & Shine Engine + Wash Inside Gas Cap + Deep Clean Rims + Hand Dry + Tire Shine + Trim Shine

For neglected clear coats, overspray, rail dust, swirl marks, minor scratches, Etc., this complete exterior detail package includes a 3-STAGE BUFF process designed to correct paint without leaving any swirls- guaranteed! The surface of your paint will appear deeper, more reflective and richer, with the long lasting results your vehicle needs to stay protected against the harmful environment and its contaminants.

Starting at $180

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***Prices: $180.00 Small Cars & Small Trucks (2-3 Seaters) | $200.00 Cars, Small Crossovers, Small SUV's & Mid-sized Trucks | $250.00 Full Sized Trucks, Crossovers & Mid-sized SUV's & Mini Vans | $350.00 Full Sized SUV's, Full Sized Vans

***Appointment Notes (Optional): Please address the Type of Vehicle to be Detailed; Any Special Needs/Concerns that are not listed in this package.


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