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Super Truck Wash (Exterior Only)

Exterior Only: Pressure Wash + Berry Blast Wash/Wax Foamy Presoak Solution + Hand Wash + Brighten Aluminum + Degrease + Spot Free Rinse/Sealant + Hand Dry + Tire Shine (Free, By Special Request Only)

Starting at $75

Please Read:

***Prices for 1 Truck: $100.00 Day Cab | $125.00 Sleeper Truck ***Prices for 2 Tractors Each at Same Location & Time: $75.00 Day Cabs | $100.00 Sleeper Trucks ***Prices for 3+ Tractors: Contact Us

***Appointment Notes (Optional): Add our $25 Engine Wash & Shine, and/or address any Special Concerns not listed here, in the appointment notes upon booking your appointment.

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